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Online Pre-Scheduled Appointment OPSA Instruction

OPSA System Website:


OPSA is short for Pre-Scheduled Appointment, it is a professional online system to make reservation which supplied by the BITE Organizing Committee BITE OC for the Exhibitors and the Invited Buyers. The Exhibitors or Invited Buyers log in the system can learn about their potential customers information, and make reservation for business negotiation. During the Expo, Exhibitors and Buyers can have a business meeting with the appointed customers.


OPSA provides a fast and convenient business online platform between Exhibitors and Buyers, it makes every exhibitor and buyer can learn about their potential customers before their formal meet, which also makes the exhibitors and buyers to take and manage their time more efficient during the expo, it can greatly shorten the distance between the exhibitors and buyers, greatly improve their working efficiency during the Expo. 


OPSA face to all exhibitors and the invited buyers.

The buyers have to satisfy the following conditions to register in OPSA system.

ACore business category is related to tourism industry.

B)Have the actually purchasing power.

C)Indeed intention for purchase.

The invited buyers have to finish the requested quantity business negotiation during the Expo. The registration of the participators have to be authorized by the Expo sponsor. Only the one who authorized by the Expo sponsor can log in the OPSA system and use it successfully. The successfully registered participators will be informed by the Expo sponsor.


Participators shall submit their registration form. The full information of exhibitors and invited buyers including their details, company brief, supplied or interested products or services, etc., will enter the system and read by the participators.

The participators can log in OPSA and choose their interested enterprises and make the prior reservation. The Expo OC will arrange the Expo on site negation meeting for the buyers and exhibitors according to the OPSA system reservation matching result.

      V. The Application Method of OPSA


i. Get the username and password

Type in the website address at the IE address bar to open the website, if you are an exhibitor, click the “exhibitor registration”, if you are a buyer, click the “buyer registration”, the registration Email should be the currently using effective email address of the registrant, password should be set by the registrant himself. Check the information, if there is wrong or if it is complete, and save it to submit. The administrator will check it within 3 working days.

ii. Log in OPSA system

Type in the registered username and password at the username (email address) and password blank, log in the OPSA operation system. If password lost, contact with the Expo OC.


i.     Write the match information

Enter the system, write the match information, according to the company conditions mark the proper option, if no match information, the exhibitors / buyers can’t find your company, the more mach information you have written, the easier your company can be found.

ii.       How to make the online appointment with the exhibitors/ buyers

Click the option of Make Reservation on your left bottom, mark your matching exhibitors/ buyers, and click Search option, the exhibitors/ buyers list appear, then click the listed companies names, you can find out their related information. If you want to make reservation with one of the listed companies, click the company to see the opened reservation time block, mark the different time block and click OK to finish the reservation, the successfully reservation list can be found in My Reservation.

iii.       Check and print out the reservation list

If you want to check or print out the reservation list, please log in the system and click My Reservation to show the successfully appointed companies list, click the Negotiation Day  to check all of the companies that has been successfully appointed on the negotiation day, click the Professional Day on your right bottom to check all of the companies that has been successfully appointed on the professional day the Exp Book to export the EXCEL form and then print it out.

iv.     Accept/ Reject the intentions buyers. 

Same like the buyers use the system to choose the exhibitors, the exhibitors also choose the buyers meanwhile, exhibitors to reject/ accept the invitation form the buyer, can do the following operations:     

Enter the system and click My Received Reservation to check the intention buyers list who want to make reservation with you, click the interested buyer you can see their detail information, there is Receive and Refused button for you to choose accept or reject the reservation.



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