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Promotion of Inbound Tourism Seminar

Time: 14:00-17:00 June 16 (Friday), 2017

Venue: Meeting room E232AB on 2nd floor of China National Convention Center, Beijing

Attendee: about 150 people

Chinese attendee :

Leaders of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development

Experts of Chinese tourism industry

Leaders and representatives of Chinese exhibitor groups

Representatives of Chinese tourism exhibitors

Chinese buyers


Foreign attendee:

Officers from the embassies of the international exhibitors in China

Officials coming with the international exhibitors

Representatives of international exhibitors

International buyers

Seminar agenda: (proposed agenda, the actual process is subject to the on-site announcement)

Chairman of the Seminar: Bowei Zeng, Director of China Tourism Economic & Policy Research Center of Tourism College of Beijing Union University




The chairman of the board introduces attended guests


Keynote speech section


Speaker: Yu Song, Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development

Topic: Policies for Promoting Inbound Tourism and Resource Superiority in Beijing


Speaker: YuryTsurkan, President of Russian-Chinese Tourism Promoting Association

Topic: Prospect of the Corporation Between Chinese and Russian Tourism Industry

15:15-15:35 Speaker: Zhiquan Gao, Vice President of China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.

15:35-15:55 Speaker: Dr. Rui Song, Director of Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Topic: The Trend of World Tourism Economy

15:55-16:15 Speaker: Fang Guo, Vice President of China Comfort Travel Group

Topic: Tourism + Time, Tourism Development and Innovation

16:15-17:00 Discussion section

Moderator: Shuxin Zhang, Chief Editor of Life Style Media Group


Lingjie Zhang, President Assistant of China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office

Hong Cai, Director of Tourism Research Center of Capital University of Economicsand Business

Bin Feng, President of U-Tour

Xiuzhen Yu, Vice President of Caissa Beijing Branch

Discussion Topics:

1、What is the opportunity for China's inbound tourism market in 2017 relative to the strong growth of the outbound travel market?

2、How to perform promotional activities for outbound tourism market?

3、Support and incentives for inbound tourism

4、Opportunities for inbound travel market brought by the opening of international flight routes

Concurrent activities


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